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In the final conference of the MODEL project the students worked as Human Rights Defenders. Divided in 3 groups and supported by 3 local activists, they elaborated the logo, the slogan and the manifesto of 3 different imaginary organizations involved in the fields of freedom of expression, Roma and minorities rights and LGBTI rights. These videos may be used by students and teachers as didactical material for further workshops and information meetings about human rights.


 Group 1. Freedom of expression. Trainer: Bobi Hristov (TV TELMA)

 Group 2. Roma and minorities rights. Trainer: Marija Atanasova (SUMNAL) Translator: Besnik Emini


Group 3. LGBTI rights. Trainer: Ivan Menkinoski (LGBTI Support Center Skopje) Translator: Besnik Emini



- CISS Cooperazione Internazionale

Sud Sud


 - Ministry of education and science

  of the Republic of Macedonia

- Museum of Macedonia

- National Conservation Center Skopje

- HRO Tuzla

- SEMPER Bitola

- Emmanuel Mission Korca 

- CDIPL Tetovo

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