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MODEL - Human Rights Defenders at schoool

Fostering intercultural dialogue, non-discrimination and inclusion in the Macedonian education system

Europe Aid/136-518/DD/ACT/MK (EIDHR)


Location(s) of the action

Country: Republic of Macedonia

Locations: Tetovo: gymnasium “K.Pejcinovik”, medical school “N. Stejn” and agrarian institute “Mosa Piade”; Valandovo: agrarian institute “G. Delcev”; Struga: vocational training institute “N. Nestor”; Negotino: school “Kiril I Metodij”; Bogdanci: gymnasium “Bogdanci”; Gevgelije: gymnasium “J.Josifovski”.



Overall objective:Fostering intercultural dialogue, non-discrimination and inclusion in the Macedonian education system as a strategic toll of promotion of human rights and democracy.

Specific objective: Introducing intercultural human rights education and anti-discrimination tools in the curricular and extracurricular education system of 8 secondary schools by promoting an experimental path to enable the students from different religious, cultural, socio-economic and linguistic background to play the “role” of human rights defenders in their own schools.



Estimated results

Expected Result A: A multi-cultural group of teachers enhance knowledge and skills in human rights education and improves the capacity to promote an anti-discriminatory integrated education system..

Expected Result B: Groups of students from different secondary schools and a  group of the youths of political parties take part to activities (an experimental laboratory, workshops, trainings) directed to build their intercultural skills and human rights’ advocacy capacities.

Expected Result C: The Model Human Rights Defender experience is evaluated and disseminated at national level to fight discrimination and exclusion in the secondary school system.


Main activities


Training of trainers; Workshop and seminars with teachers; Round tables with institutional representatives and CSOs; Laboratories with students and young activists from political parties; Anti-discriminatory monitoring activities; Public events, Advocacy and Dissemination activities.


- CISS Cooperazione Internazionale

Sud Sud


 - Ministry of education and science

  of the Republic of Macedonia

- Museum of Macedonia

- National Conservation Center Skopje

- HRO Tuzla

- SEMPER Bitola

- Emmanuel Mission Korca 

- CDIPL Tetovo

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