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Cooperazione Internazionale Sud Sud is a no profit association founded in 1985. Since 1989 it has received recognition as non governmental organization (NGO) qualified to promote and to realize cooperation projects in Developing Countries.

CISS is a NGO of solidarity and international co-operation, but in consideration of his presence in an European territory characterised by strong and specific development problems, it also acts with local interventions and projects.

In the Republic of Macedonia,CISS is registered association  since 1999. In 2012 is preregistered according the new law for the associations. 

The three main intervention areas of the NGO are:

a) Projects and activities of solidarity and international co-operation

b) Projects and activities of education, formation and awareness

c) Projects and interventions of development to local level

. Until 2012 there were implemented 5 main projects. There were:

•1999    Emergency project for refugees from Kosovo in Macedonia 

•2002-2005 Assistance to primary education structures in the ex- provinces of Tetovo, Gevgelija and Valandovo

•2005-2008 “Archeological and touristic valorization of the Roman Forum of Stobi”

•2009-2011 Citizens of Macedonia 

•2010-2011 “Cross border local partnerships fighting  Human Trafficking in Macedonia, Albania and BiH”

The main donors of the projects are Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Union. 



- CISS Cooperazione Internazionale

Sud Sud


 - Ministry of education and science

  of the Republic of Macedonia

- Museum of Macedonia

- National Conservation Center Skopje

- HRO Tuzla

- SEMPER Bitola

- Emmanuel Mission Korca 

- CDIPL Tetovo

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