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The project “MODEL Human Rights Defenders at School”, funded to CISS by the Delegation of the European Union to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and to be implemented in the Republic of Macedonia  contracted on 14 December 2015, foresees the recruitment of a Trainer for the implementation of the project.


The trainer will be employed part time to prepare and implement the training activity (workshops and the MODEL HRDs Laboratory) as well as the training materials.

He/she will work in team with the facilitator by using two different languages when it will be necessary (Macedonian and Albanian).


The trainer will perform her/his tasks with Reference to R.1, R.2, R.3.



Main tasks


For the 16 months  of the project implementation, the Trainer will have to carry out the tasks described below:


1)      Actively Participating in the training of trainers ToT;

2)      Supporting the Local Coordinator in programming the training activities and laboratories in the beneficiary schools;

3)      Preparing the didactical materials to be used during the training and laboratories, with teachers and students;

4)      Supporting the facilitator in his/her work during the training and laboratories and to complete the follow-up activities (reporting)

5)      Participate as trainer in the training and laboratories

6)      Participating in monthly meetings in the office of the project.

7)      Facilitating the translations of the didactic materials and contents of the training and laboratories from Macedonian to Albanian.


In accomplishing these tasks, the Trainer will have to report on his/her work plan and results to the Local Coordinator. 


Minimum Requirements


      At least 3 years working experiences

Proficiency in Macedonian and Albanian




- CISS Cooperazione Internazionale

Sud Sud


 - Ministry of education and science

  of the Republic of Macedonia

- Museum of Macedonia

- National Conservation Center Skopje

- HRO Tuzla

- SEMPER Bitola

- Emmanuel Mission Korca 

- CDIPL Tetovo

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